KEMY & Buka, Cheka

KEMY & Buka, Cheka

Format TV Series 10 minutes x 104 episodes

Genre Education

Form 3D Animation

Target 3-5

Production G&G


One day, a small egg fell from sky into the town of Kuriosity.
Kemy, a small dinosaur hatched from the egg and like all curios children, began to wonder about his new surroundings.
Kemy befriends two ducks by the name of Buka and Cheka.

Buka helps answer Kemy’s questions using the internet while Cheka looks for answers in a book. After they find the answers,
Kemy is able to transport himself into a whole new world of answers with his best buddy Tara.

Children will always be curious about the world around them. Jum into a world of animation and live action documentary for childeren with Kemy and Buka, Cheka.